Touhou 16: hidden star is four seasons (and touhou in general)

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Touhou 16: hidden star is four seasons (and touhou in general)

Post by aeon on Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:40 pm

it's out!
aw yea, this is happening.

not really though, because i can't find a download link.
in about twelve hours i should be able to find one. oh well.

but this might be your question:
what is touhou?
is it that mountain of hentai i keep hearing about?

well you are correct.
but it's actually a game series.
the dude who makes it can't draw dudes and seems to dislike reusing characters, so since the 90s he's been making these games with 5-8 new girls every time. consequently, there is more hentai of touhou than probably anything else.
but don't worry about that.
touhou is a bullet hell.
and i don't mean shooter.
games like astebreed? games like nuclear throne?
those are shooters. in those you shoot. you have offensive power.
but this is a bullet hell.
the screen is always filled to the brim with lazers, bullets, orbs, and arrows (and the rare melee attacks).
your hitbox is only about 8-4 pixels big, but that changes nothing.
touhou is notorious for being probably the most difficult series of games in common knowledge (with the exception of iwbtg), and it deserves this title.
i've been playing for almost a year, and have cleared all of the main games (of which there are 15 (16 now)) on normal difficulty.
recently i've been moving up to hard, but i can only clear 2 games on that so far.

the games consist of 6 stages, 6 bosses, and an extra stage and boss excluded from the main mode.
there are always 4 difficulties in the main mode:
easy, normal, hard, and lunatic.
easy is completable having never touched a bullet hell in your life, but things escalate quickly.

anyway, summary of touhou:
cute girls, twelve billion resets, and that damn stage 5 boss.

alright well now here's what anyone who cares about learning more about touhou wanted from this thread, a video.

(fight starts around 1:55)

this is the battle of byakuren hijiri, the final stage boss of the 12th game.
i think it's one of the coolest, but certainly not the hardest.

ok well that's touhou but before you go i've got three things to say:
-bomb whenever things are not going exactly as planned until you feel you don't need to.
-pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy
wen day is dark alway rember happy day
-mokou is the best. youmu comes in at a close second.

you can find stuff here:

ok bye

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