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Post by aeon on Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:06 pm the new game i'm working on.

Q: but why is the cool guy aeon not working on guy with pen 2?????
A: yea uh guy with pen 2 and this are like kinda similar right now and i gotta get good enough at code to add a not shit melee attack and this is a really simple game so don't worry about it pal

right, so the game.
you play as some asshole named (taking suggestions).
the universe is ending in like a month or something and everybody's freaking out and the world is in d i s a r r a y.
but our dude is pretty strong. not enough to save the universe, but enough to wander through it while it falls apart and kill about everyone he wants to.
he uses this power to get absolutely wasted.
that's the goal of the game.
do as much cool stuff before the universe ends.

in the game, the time remaining before imminent death is measured by your hp.
you start the game with like a ton of hp, but when you run out the game is over.
you'll probably be spending hp getting to places and doing stuff.
so like majora's mask except without the whole saving people and hp instead of time. trust me though i didn't think of that game until right now it's not a ripoff okay

the world is gonna be like pretty big and lots of secrets so you can do lots of playthroughs if you want without getting bored hopefully.
and who knows maybe you can save the universe or find someone less drunk and pathetic to do it.

and the dude has a spectral revolver as his main thing. like a normal revolver but the shots come back and do other ghastly things.

demo coming out as soon as anyone responds to this thread with the answer to this riddle:
what goes up, but only down when civilization is destroyed?

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