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Post by aeon on Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:11 pm

okay guys we gotta have some kind of civility here so these are the rules:

1. no massive sigs
if a sig is longer than any post in a thread, it's probably too big.

2. racism is bad

3. so is sexism

4. don't bump a thread for no reason
it's case by case, but i'd say bumping is generally about 60 days after the last post.

5. don't double post
the first person to quintuple post with something different every time is awarded a mystery in their dms. unfortunately, they are also (temp)banned afterwards.

speaking of bans,
6. alt accounts are not allowed unless you've got a really cool joke planned or some other valid reason

7. i'm pretty sure i can ip ban if the need comes up too

8. shitposts go in the shitpost realm
don't just post to get the post count higher

9. anyone found using shit tier memes get tempbanned for a day or two

10. be nice to people even if english isn't their first language

11. i am truly sorry to anyone who's first language isn't english and is trying to read this

12. any mentions at all of the number 327 will result in it being censored and the offender will receive a tempban. the only exception to this is when telling others about this rule

13. okay that's all of them


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